Today is a great day to behold. Today, the weak sun broke through the drizzle just enough to make itself known, and it warmed my cockles and made me grin that it knew to come out, if even just a little bit, for mine and the Fiery One's fourth wedding anniversary.

The sun did too come out just for our anniversary.

We are waiting to celebrate on the weekend, because it is a Thursday today, and we're too old to celebrate on Thursday nights. Well, that's a lie. We have celebrated other things on worknights before, but this time we're not. It would just seem too sad to start celebrating and then have to wrap things up in time for bed.

Until then, here is a list of reasons why my one true love rocks the hardest:*

  1. He bought me a box of tampons, and not the cheap-out 20 box but the full 40 box.
    Me: You bought the whole 40 box! Wow! Now I don't have to have my usual panic about being out of tampons!
    Him: Well, I just thought that if I was a woman who was bleeding between my legs, and I was out of tampons, I don't think I would even feel like leaving the house. Now you don't have to worry about that.
    His thinking about shit like that is very, very cool.

  2. He doesn't actually look like this drawing I made of him.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

  3. He is very funny a lot.

  4. He is a fabulous writer who I can't believe finds it in himself to read any of my stuff and then compliment me on it.

  5. He has cute teeth.

  6. He never, ever speaks out of school.

  7. Since we first met in 1993 (it wasn't until 2000 that we started seeing each other), he has never once been nit-picky with me.

  8. Or picked a fight.

  9. He loves me even when I'm crazy, and not just in spite of it.

  10. He wants the realistic best for everyone.

  11. And he looks achingly handsome sipping soda through a straw.

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"Love's Philosophy" by Percy Bysshe Shelley

* Thanks to Saviabella for averting my near posting today of a story about the time I punched my cousin in the face.

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