10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 9–15 May 2015

10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You: 9–15 May 2015

Saul Bass' "Why Man Creates: a series of explorations, episodes & comments on creativity" (1968) is an Oscar-winning, animated short documentary film about creativity and its different approaches:

Women, Action, and the Media's "Reporting, Reviewing, and Responding to Harassment On Twitter" report:

From November 6–26 2014, WAM! took in reports of Twitter-based harassment, assessed them, and escalated reports as necessary to Twitter for special attention. WAM! used a special intake form to collect data and promised publicly to publish what it learned from the data it collected. In three weeks, WAM! reviewers assessed 811 incoming reports of harassment and escalated 161 reports to Twitter, ultimately seeing Twitter carry out 70 account suspensions, 18 warnings, and one deleted account. This document presents findings from this three-week project; it draws on both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Alexander B. Howard's "Facebook Study Says Users Control What They See, But Critics Disagree" at HuffPost Tech:

More and more of how we live, work, play and govern has become mediated by software: Algorithms are powerful.
"They mediate more and more of what we do," Eli Pariser, the author of "The Filter Bubble" and co-founder of Upworthy.com, wrote on Medium. "They guide an increasing proportion of our choices -- where to eat, where to sleep, who to sleep with, and what to read. From Google to Yelp to Facebook, they help shape what we know." 

by Rob "Berto" Bennett via  Flickr  [ CC BY 2.0 ]

by Rob "Berto" Bennett via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]

"A Model Tells Us How Much She Really Makes: Hattie Watson on the art of hustle" at Medium's Matter:

I hate money.
I absolutely loathe money. It ruins relationships, it ruins friendships, it just puts so much stress on your life, it’s unreal.
Go on.
It’s $5 for a soda and candy and that used to be like $2, you know. If you want to have a coffee, it’s $5. Everything’s so inflated. It doesn’t make sense.

Hattie Watson is the photographer behind one of my favourite Instagram accounts. Check her out.

Roger Ebert's "Chris Burden: 'My God, Are They Going to Leave Me Here to Die?'" (1975) at Roger Ebert:

So began on April 11 a deceptively simple piece of conceptual art that would eventually involve the imaginations of thousands of Chicagoans who had never heard of Burden, would cause the museum to fear for Burden's life, and would end at a time and in a way that Burden did not remotely anticipate.

I'm crushing on Girlpool right now:

Akilah Hughes' "YouTube rarely promotes black YouTube stars, even during Black History Month" at Fusion:

The support of YouTube can launch a creator’s career, and turn mid-sized personalities into mega-stars. Sure, the company promotes YouTubers who have already garnered a substantial audience, but they are not merely reflecting precisely whatever is popular on the platform, but helping to create and shape their service. Their choices are a statement of values for the site.

Maggie Severns' "Which 20 Lipsticks Contain the Most Lead?" at Mother Jones:

Depending on the lipstick, in some cases women who slathered it on (14 times a day or more) were meeting or surpassing the daily recommended exposure to chromium, aluminum, and manganese. Lead, a metal that humans should avoid exposure to entirely, was detected in 75 percent of the samples.

Here's an eye-opening look at a day in the life of Canada under its Prime Minister, Stephen Harper — "Andrew Coyne: A telling 24 hours in Stephen Harper’s world":

…this was all in the space of 24 hours. If one were to draw up an indictment of this government’s approach to politics and the public purpose, one might mention its wholesale contempt for Parliament, its disdain for the Charter of Rights and the courts’ role in upholding it, its penchant for secrecy, its chronic deceitfulness, its deepening ethical problems, its insistence on taking, at all times, the lowest, crudest path to its ends, its relentless politicization of everything.
We're Both Sniffing the Air for Edges of Summer

We're Both Sniffing the Air for Edges of Summer

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