Our First Photographs, Me As Priest, And A Very Famous Soft Drink

The Shiahs are demanding to be allowed to hold their own Iraqi elections if they are to indeed be a democracy, which seems to make sense to me. On the other side, the United States, who has long made its disagreement with the United Nations known, is now asking for its help.

Kodak is getting out of the 35mm film business. But I just got my Canon Rebel 2000!

The Fiery One and I picked up the developed pictures from our first three rolls of film from my new camera last night. We took them to a local pub and pored over them for a couple of hours. They are fabulous. They are by no means good photographs, because we are both just starting to figure out that little machine, but they are ours. Of course, there is the mandatory picture of our feet, which all neophytes must supply, and there is a picture of our finch, Elliott, doing his best Winston Churchill impression. There are some Christmas photos of our families, and the rabbit, Gordon, looking particularly sneaky. What makes these photographs fabulous is that they create a visual record we can refer to. I used to always hate personal photographs. I was never to be photographed as a general rule, and I also regarded the keeping of pictures as a secret better kept, like masturbation during puberty. I hated personal nostalgia and wanted to avoid it at all costs. I thought it made one weak and ineffectual. My attitude began to change, though, shortly after the Fiery One and I got married. For the whole first year of our marriage, I think that there was a grand total of one photograph taken of us. It was taken at a party with one of those cameras that makes really tiny polaroids that are stickers. I started to think about how we were quickly moving into our thirties, and how we were eventually going to have (a) kid(s), and someday one of our pets was going to die, and we might move away somewhere. All of these things were going to happen in our lives, and we were going to have no record of what came before. I really wish that we had a picture of our old bird, George. He was ugly, he was always in poor health, his feathers fell out occasionally, he was mean, and he was one of the greatest pets I have ever had. Now he is dead, and I can’t show you what this nasty bird looked like. I knew our child(ren) were going to have this strange notion that we did not exist before them. I wanted them to know that we were once young, newly married, attractive, and individuals. I started to get those fine lines under my eyes that precede wrinkles, and I thought about how one day there would be no proof that I was not always old. So now we have photographs. Our lives are being recorded. I can feel happy in the knowledge that I can show myself and others that I was not always here.

Here is the official list of accidents involving nuclear weapons according to the UK Ministry of Defense. Yikes.

Regarding this study about high heels – my ass! I am willing to concede that maybe it can decrease the likelihood of osteoarthritis in the knees, but what about the shortening tendons in the calves and back pain that they cause during all the years leading up to this end benefit?!

Feel justified in your disgust at the sight of the sick and the wounded. Do, because new evidence supports you. (I am just kidding. Be nice to the sick and the wounded).

I was just thinking about how when I was a teenager I had this idea that things would get easier when I got older, but I am finding that they don’t. I stayed out later last night with a friend of mine after the Fiery One sensibly went home to get some sleep. My friend was in an emotional mood, because his day at work had been humbling, to say the least. He talked with me at length about his feelings of insecurity, his need to know that people thought he was a good person, his loneliness. I was impressed with how candid he could be, and also with the fact that a man in his forties would confess such things to me. When I was younger and I imagined being older, I never included all my insecurities and fears in the picture. I thought I would somehow be stronger, smarter, that I would have overcome my weaknesses and would be forging ahead into a clear future. Life would get easier. I have learned that it doesn’t get easier, and that when I overcome one fear, a new one seems to present itself, and that the future is not the clear vision I assumed it would become. It is an easy thing for me to become much too serious and forget that I actually like things. In listening to my friend’s naked confession, something in me started to feel a lot better about this whole business of living and how hard it can be.

This is just about the coolest thing I have found lately. The first mummified lion has been found with Tutankhamun’s wet nurse.

A popular beverage company, not surprisingly, has committed evil acts in India, but of course, they deny it.

If you value your freedom as a woman, or if you are a man who cares what happens to half the population, read about George W. Bush’s attacks against women. If you wonder why, as a Canadian, I care what Bush does, it is because a boot heel on the backs of American women could all too easily translate into a boot heel on mine.

Coca-Cola Facts and Links:
* Coca Cola was invented by Dr. John S. Pemberton in 1886, and it was originally formulated with extracts of coca leaves and kola nuts. It was originally marketed for its medicinal qualities.
* Here are the official Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Enterprises websites.
* Coca-Cola’s attempt at creating an online music website fell flat.
* In 1893, Coca-Cola’s slogan was “the ideal brain tonic”.
* “Over the past 15 years, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has helped make the hopes of hundreds of outstanding students a reality.”
* There is a place called World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It is a three-storey building that celebrates the long history of Coca-Cola that began in that city 110 years ago.
* Coca-Cola did not remove cocaine from its beverage until 1929. The coca leaves were still used for flavour, but the alkaloids were completely removed.
* Go here to watch highlights from fifty years of Coca-Cola advertising.
* Coke fucked up.
* It took until 1944, which is 58 years, to sell the first billion gallons of Coca-Cola syrup. Today, a billion gallons of syrup is sold every 7 ½ months.
* Check out the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. You can get in touch with other collectors and find markets for buying, selling, and trading.
* Coca-Cola Bottles of the World unite!
* In 1886, sales of Coca-Cola averaged only nine bottles a day.

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