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The homeless are moving into the suburbs. It was bound to happen. The suburbs could not remain the isolated, bedroom communities idealized in the 1950s.

The United States has one war going on overseas and one at home – “The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage”. In the meantime, same-sex couples from the U.S. have been crossing over to Canada to say their marriage vows.

I am trying very hard today to be responsible like grown-ups are supposed to be. I find it terribly difficult to do things like sweeping or doing the dishes or dusting or cleaning the bathroom. In order to coerce myself into performing such tasks, I have to spend a good deal of time working myself over with guilt and personal insults, and then maybe, if the guilt and self-loathing stick around for a few days, I might push myself into what has likely become a long overdue task. This morning, I walked through the living room on the way to the office, and the stench of rabbit urine filled my nostrils. I looked at Gordon lovingly, rubbed his wiggly white nose, assured him that he was not forgotten, and then went into the office, closing the door behind me. I needed to block the smell somehow! Now, before you all think that I am a neglectful rabbit owner who leaves her bunny to sit in his own refuse, I am not. His cage gets at least a cursory cleaning every day and a thorough scrubbing once a week. He just happens to be a rabbit who can create the most amount of stink in the shortest amount of time. Several times, I had to walk through the living room to go to the bathroom (mucho coffee is being consumed this grey Sunday morning), and each time the stink was heavier and more ammoniac, and Gordon looked more and more impatient every time I skirted his cage. Finally, I had to buckle. The Fiery One, who has not yet gotten out of bed, was going to be horrified with the smell permeating our apartment if I did not fix it tout de suite, and Gordon is alive, poor fellow, and deserves fresh wood shavings and a romp about the apartment and clumps of his beloved alfalfa. So, I have cleaned his cage thoroughly, and the rabbit is peeking at me over the makeshift no-bunnies-in-the-office fence as we speak. The sweeping around his cage where he likes to kick out half his shavings and little turd balls has yet to be accomplished. Back to the guilt, I guess.

Google has grown into a staple of internet travelling, but are we outgrowing it? What’s next?

M&Ms are good for more than candy lovers. They are good for breakthroughs in physics, too.

While pushing to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons in other nations, the United States government’s agenda is to acquire new nuclear weapons, anti-missile systems, and space weapons. The nuclear black market may be more extensive than what was once imagined. Can the world be saved?

Women are allowed to serve in the armed forces now, but it might still be a man’s army.

This story amazes me, because if I unknowingly had a dead body in my home for six months to a year, the smell would likely bring it to my attention at some point, if not to my neighbours.

Britain has decided that its children should study non-religious beliefs such as atheism alongside major faiths in their religious education classes. If I was a parent, and I lived in Britain, I would be thrilled right now.

Take a brief look at the 20 worst companies of 2003.

Although soaring world population rates have been forecasted, some say an energy crisis would limit those numbers.

Think twice before using the word “bitch”.

Russian oil producers and shippers are expecting the volume of crude oil and petroleum products to more than double this year, despite the United States’ decade-long and ongoing efforts to steer the export of Caspian-region crude oil away from Russia.

The music industry is trying to crack down on Canadian file sharers now. I wish they would just fuck off. I let a friend borrow one of my CDs last week. Is that a punishable offense?

Fussy is a good blog to read, and she links to some good sites, such as The Invisible Library, a site that is a catalogue of books that exist only inside other books.

Read this article to find out just how overboard you can go on Valentine’s Day if you are rich enough.

Wal-Mart is too aggressive for my tastes.

Bloody Steak And Broken Bones

I'm Slightly Hung Over, And I'll Take Wine For $20,000