Bloody Steak And Broken Bones

I'm not much for cutesy-wootsy baby blogs, but this one is super funny, so check out Irony Central.

Oh, fuck. Those poor people in Iran. More than 200 dead, 400 injured, and five villages destroyed. This has got to be the biggest train wreck I can remember.

In Iraq, Japan is constructing one of the most "formidable military camps planet earth has ever seen" for its Ground Self-Defense Force, complete with a high-tech gymnasium, karaoke bar, massage parlor, state-of-the-art audiovisual facilities, computer and Internet rooms, a well-stocked Japanese library, and the latest satellite and telecommunications equipment for daily contact with families back in Japan.

Just last week, I was looking at the beat-up looking cane the blind guy on my morning bus has, and I was wondering how often he needed to replace something like that and how much it would cost. This morning, he had a brand spanking new cane. I bet he would probably like to test drive the VoiceNote GPS.

U.S. scientists have linked incidents of schizophrenia with the lead used in vehicle fuel.

The battle of the online search engines is on!

I was just e-mailing the Fiery One about my sudden craving for really bloody steak. I don't often eat beef, but when the craving hits, it hits big. This craving always makes me recall a particular time that the Fiery One and I went for steaks. We had walked for several miles to get to the restaurant, partially because we like walking long distances and partially because we are indecisive when it comes to choosing restaurants. We both settled on the bloody-steak idea. The steaks that the waiter set down in front of us were two inches high and delightfully juicy. During the whole meal, I was fine with my steak sitting in front of me bleeding into my mashed potatoes, but I could not take the sight of the Fiery One's steak. Even as I mixed my mashed potatoes around in the blood and delighted in their new pink hue, his steak kept accosting me visually with its grotesqueness. He had to hide it behind his pile of potatoes and be careful not to topple them as he picked at them for fear of revealing his meat to me (ha ha, get it, revealing his meat?).

Could it really be that the Brits thwarted a last-ditch attempt to avert the invasion of Iraq?

It would be a tad shocking to find a naked picure of your vicar on a dating website.

Celso-Ramon Garcia, who helped to advance the development of "the pill", died on February 1st.

You know it’s time for winter to end when..... My friend broke her leg on Saturday, poor girl. Whenever I think of legs breaking, I think of something clean and quick and that happens in only one place on one bone with a snap. I never think of something like what happened to her: she was walking to work when she slipped on the ice and both snapped her ankle and split her shin bone straight down the middle. Now she has both a pin in her ankle and a metal plate screwed to her shin bone. Gross. She has had to spend a few days in hospital and will need physiotherapy for a while. Sad. It will be at least six weeks before she will be up and around again.

This article made me almost want my very own inchworm for my heart.

A male-to-female transexual and a lesbian in Texas are confusing the courts over whether their marriage union is legal or not.

"Italian scientists have found a second form of mad-cow disease that more closely resembles the human Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease than the usual cow form of the illness."

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