Booby Girls, The Need To Consume, And Links Aplenty

Here is a great gallery of pictures chronicling scenes in San Francisco during the recent rush of same-sex marriages entitled “Justly Married”.

Stem cells may offer us the hope of bigger boobs. Whoopee.

Not that I trust studies such as this one so much, but I am having problems with evil women in my life lately. Maybe they're just incredibly fertile.

Einstein’s “cosmological constant”, or dark energy theory, may actually hold up according to recent measurements.

Last night, I was out with the Fiery One and Friday Films to a local restaurant/bar. We had gone to a film at the indie theatre, and the thought of going to the same pub again that we always go to was depressing, so we ended up at this restaurant/bar we don't usually go to. It was a welcome change. The cold weather and lack of a vehicle has limited the distance I am willing to travel when I leave the apartment, but it is finally warming up enough to increase my radius. The three of us had to jam ourselves in around a tiny table, because the place was packed, and when our food arrived it got a little tight, but it helped with the coziness factor. I was seated at the end of a row of tables, so I had a view of everyone sitting down the line. I am an avid people watcher, and there was definitely a watchable group of girls just down from us. There were three of them: Almost Pretty, Getting Dumpy, and Decidedly Homely. They were an awful lot. They were terribly fascinated with the fact that they had boobs, and that they could be hoisted and squeezed together to entice males. As much as your average male is into the whole boob thing, especially boobs of good size such as these three had, the male half of the crowd at the restaurant were having none of them. On the other side of these three was a table comprised of two male-female couples who were of the glossy and styled variety. The two women left to go to the bathroom, leaving the two men alone at the table. Within ten seconds, Almost Pretty had re-glossed her already gloss-laden lips and was leaning her breasts against one of the men’s arms. He kept his head turned in the other direction, obviously trying to avoid the overdone and unashamed advances of the girl, but then she reached her arm across his chest, pressing it firmly to him as she did so. I’m not sure what she was doing, but she seemed to try to engage him with a question. He brushed her off with a really short answer and was saved by the return of his tablemates. The three girls kept desperately trying to draw attention to their breasts, which were less impressive than the average rack, by pointing out certain aspects of their bras and touching their breasts to indicate how they fit. When no one approached their table with any interest, Getting Dumpy and Decidedly Homely tried to insinuate lesbianism into their display, alternately hugging each other, pointing out each other’s boobs, and looking deeply at each other. Ick. Almost Pretty was missing out on the lesbo act, so she tried her best to oh-so-seductively apply lipgloss while staring intensely at me and doing that weird porn star thing with her mouth. They finally gave up after a guy came by their table to say hello and Almost Pretty stood up unnecessarily so that she could press her breasts against whatever part of him was available for boob pressing. He was obviously uncomfortable and made his getaway. I have never seen such a bizarre and desperate display as that outside of the cougar set, and I do hope that I am not made privy to it again. They were an embarrassment to women everywhere.

There is yet another thing that may possibly lead to breast cancer. What doesn't now?

Check out these great posters from a recent era in Chinese history. (To read the slogans in english, hover your pointer over the image).

How great is it to come from one of the fattest provinces in the country? So great.

Despite the fact that he failed painfully during the first round of auditions for “American Idol”, William Hung received a recording contract for $25,000 US before the competition has even finished. If you don’t remember him or didn’t get a chance to witness his talents the first time around, watch the video of his audition.

I had this idea a few days ago, and I thought I would share it with you. I have been thinking lately about the impending oil crisis and why the United States seems bent on using more and more disposable, one-time use items and selling huge polluting vehicles, which only increases the mass amounts of oil that are already being consumed. Here’s my idea: the United States has to continue to consume oil as they have in the past, and in fact, they have to continually consume more and more, in order to maintain their buying power in the world oil markets. So, the less oil they consume, the less clout they have politically. They have to consume more and more oil just to keep up with themselves and maintain their international status. Just a thought.

Conrad Black claims that he is trying to retrieve his reputation. He obviously doesn’t know what people thought of him even before this scandal.

Jerry Falwell is the latest member of the clergy to decide to devote himself full-time to fighting gay marriage by forming an anti-gay marriage coalition. It is none of the church’s business what a secular government decides!

Arnold Schwarzenegger says that courts in San Francisco are “dropping the ball” by allowing the granting of marriage licenses to gay couples, but a California judge will not be pressured.

Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, has turned 80, and he has assured the people that he will retire within the next five years. Why do bad people get to live so long?

I had Friday off, so I am in the middle of a three-day weekend. Did I ever need this long weekend what with work stress and it being the tail end of a hellish winter. I thought that I should use my extra time off constructively, which it turns out, is good for all of you. I have added an extra links page! Its links are mostly ones that I already have on this main page, but there are a few extras, and these will be added to whenever I come across links I would like to keep. So check it out. (I’ve added a couple of really good smut links if you are into that kind of thing).

I get so steamed when I hear that women, in this day and age, are still not allowed to go somewhere simply because of their sex. At least this golf club in Ireland has been forced to change its anti-women rules.

A doctor in Germany, Dr. Mechthild Bach, has been accused of killing as many as 1500 of her patients.

In Nairobi, Kenya, a huge fire has destroyed a vast slum, leaving 4500 people homeless.

I love this architect’s idea of Regina, Saskatchewan’s airport expansion. He wants to embed the art right into the building. Yum.

Wal-Mart is evil for even more reasons, and it’s not good for any of us.

The Red Cross has had a sit-down with Saddam.

The Death Knell Tolls Not For Me

Bloody Steak And Broken Bones