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I have been just racing through some good blogs lately. Check out Pound. She is a writer and editor from Chicago, Illinois. Another good blog, which I believe is already quite well known, is belle de jour, the "diary of a London call girl".

This is quite ridiculous, and most of the planet must have seen this by now, but I have given in. Play this silly game involving the batting of penguins.

The “Asian Brown Cloud” of pollution that we heard about in 1999 may also be in the Middle East. There is a thick haze hanging about 300 metres above the ground over Dubai.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has announced that it is “...relaxing visual inspection requirements at the nation's nuclear power plants”. How safe does this make you feel, especially since Bush has been pushing for a proliferation of nuclear plants?

When the retirement age was set at 65 several decades ago, life expectancy was less than that, so the government never expected that most of us would live to collect much of the pension we were paying into. Now people are living for a decade or more after retirement age, and the pension we look forward to is a pittance, so more and more of the elderly are working into their seventies. The number of people working over the age of 65 has jumped up a sharp 19.6% since 1996 in Canada.

Again, I have to ask. If I have a gay married couple living next door to me and mine, how does their marriage degrade the quality of mine and the lives of my children (which I do not yet have, by the way)? Bush is backing the ban on gay marriage in the United States by trying to amend their constitution. Logic, people. Give it a try.

The Fiery One (or, the Palinode) has started a Diaryland diaryring for Regina bloggers. There is a sum total of three of us on the list as we speak. What a whopping crew! And swarthy! Lusty even! Okay, maybe not so whopping or swarthy, and I am going to withhold comment on the lusty part. But we are a good little group. Are any of you other Reginans up to the challenge? (The link is at the bottom of the page).

There may be a way to find out if your psychiatrist does indeed need to throw those nasty pharmaceuticals your way to battle depression. Canadian research is pointing the way.

The University of Texas holds a patent on the live beagles they use to study lung infections. Such patents are banned in several countries, including Canada, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has been asked to cancel the patent on the beagles. Genetically engineered or not, those beagles are born and bred into lives solely created to be ill and short. It’s disgusting behaviour.

Some of the worst, state-sanctioned abuse of human beings is still visited upon mental in-patients, who are restrained, over-medicated, neglected, and misdiagnosed. It is easy enough for such indecency to take place, because the mentally ill are kept almost completely out of the public sphere. I have watched my own friends be mistreated in hospitals that claim to want to help them. Some of this abuse is coming to light in California, and it only took years of complaints to get here.

That last paragraph makes me wonder what the Fiery One is up to this fine Tuesday afternoon. Hmmm, let's see..... He is taking a very long time to respond to my e-mail. Understandable. He is a very busy man. Oh, wait. I can be so much fluff. He took the day off his regular job so that he could work on his writing. It will take him all the way until tomorrow to respond to my question “what rocks your socks”.

One of the early and most prominent researchers into the medicinal value in psychedelic drugs, Humphry Osmond, died at the age of 86 on February 6th.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin, has dismissed his government. You heard me, he dismissed the government. That sound crazy to you? Apparently, his decision is backed by Article 117 of the Russian Constitution.

There has been a leap forward in research to find the cure for AIDS. Too bad it had to come from monkeys kept in labs that were forcefully infected by the virus.

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