Making Stuff, Boob Pirates, And Some Edson

I have two great unveilings today. And then a third revealing. The third thing is that I am a big fat liar for referring to the first two things as “great” and as being “unveilings”. The things I am about to highlight are not “great” (except in the loosest possible definitions of the term) and cannot be “unveiled” on this medium known as the Intraweb. I am quite excited, though, about these two things, and frankly, words like “great” and “unveiling” are complementary to my level of excitement.

The first of these two things is my little pop-up radio icon on the left-hand sidebar. It looks like this:

The guy in the picture looks like he is doing something vaguely dirty with his hands, but I believe this is sign language for the word “radio”. This little icon leads to a pop-up radio, which plays the music I have put on my radio station. It’s all Schmutzie’s picks all the time. is still in its beta version, so sometimes the tracks listed as playing are out of sync with the tracks actually playing, but hitting the “start” link usually forces everything into proper alignment for a while. My radio plays everything from The Carter Family to The Cramps to Hot Hot Heat to Dinah Washington to Joy Division to Cab Calloway to Cat Power. You get my drift. I have opted for no particular genre. It only takes a second to sign up, so go ahead and listen to the mish-mash that shall forthwith be known as Radio Free Schmutzie! (If you have any music suggestions for further additions, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail so I can give it a listen).

The second of my two great unveilings is my proposal for a weblog template for a friend of mine. Since she has not yet let me know what she thinks of it, I can’t tell you who it’s for, and it may go through some changes between her first viewing of it and its being put up on her site, so this is just a draft version:

Yes, I am unveiling the draft of a template that has not even been seen yet by the friend in question. I spent a goodly amount of time on it yesterday and I am quite pleased with the results thus far. It’s not super flashy or anything, but it’s pretty and feminine without being sickly-sweet girly, which I think suits my friend in question, or at least I hope it suits my friend in question.

As you can see, my weekend was one filled with creativity, which always leaves me feeling a little more fulfilled. Also, when the weather is in the -40°C range, there is not much choice but to find something indoorsy to fill the time.

I’m wearing one of my new bras that I bought with some of my Christmas money, and it keeps making these creaking noises like a pirate ship listing to and fro on the ocean. The Fiery One and I had a conversation about peasants living in my head, but I’m thinking that they’ve moved down to my breasts, have become pirates, and are busy racing back and forth, adjusting straps and redistributing weight as I file and get lunch and pick up mail. From the sounds of things, those peasants are being kept awfully busy. I can almost hear them yelling “shiver me timbers” and “I’ll smack you with my mizzenmast!”

photograph from the
American Poetry Review Records, 1971-1998

The Breast” by Russell Edson

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