Speedy Weekend, Froggy Spoke Sooth, And Some O'Hara

Weekends seem to be zipping by much too quickly these days. On Friday, I was seriously looking forward to my two days off, because I spent the entire week from 8:15 Monday morning until 4:30 Friday afternoon doing nothing at work but writing letters. I like the letter writing, don't get me wrong, but the lack of variety was starting to kill my soul slowly.

I'm not going to hang around and bitch too much, though, because I just remembered that the Fiery One and I spent a good long while lying around in our living/bed-room area (I have been creative with the furniture situation in our apartment) talking absolute shit for a couple of hours. He did a bit in which he would act out a verb describing a human activity, and then he would imitate its homonymous fish. For example, he looked at me coyly for several seconds, and then he acted like a koi; he floundered, and then he was a flounder; he grunted, and then he was a grunt. I was particularly impressed with his flounder impression, seeing as the Fiery One can't migrate his eyes to one side of his head.

Lest you think we did nothing else with our Friday night, we became highly creative around 9:00 pm and went out to drink some beer at our local pub.

Yesterday, I became quite productive around 2:30 pm, and I created a strip (see it further down the page. You'll know it by the green hand puppet). Then, I fixed up a site a just designed for my friend, Abigail.

After a full afternoon of computer geekery, the Fiery One and I went to see "Sideways" with Friday and P. It's not a movie I would bother seeing twice. There were some very tender moments and some very funny moments, but I had to sit through long scenes that I think were left in the first half of the movie to stretch out the plot for more appropriate placement of the denouement. It's definitely better than "Meet the Fokkers", though, so if you find yourself waffling at the cineplex, choose the former, if only for the principle of the thing. After that, we had drinks and food, and I swear that our bed rose up to meet us when we got home.

This brings us to Sunday morning, which it is right now. One bad thing about being a heathen is that I never know what to do with my Sunday mornings and usually end up tooling around on the intarweb until my stomach becomes too demanding, and then I will try to wake the Fiery One and convince him that a hearty brunch is in order. Actually, I much prefer the heathen's Sunday morning to the church-service-and-dressing-up-Christian's Sunday morning. I almost forgot how much that one sucked. I always get this marvellous revisiting of the sense of phew! that was a close one! when I momentarily forget and then re-remember the suckage that was my Christian youth with all its Sunday school, church services, youth choirs, youth groups, girls' club, camp, and youth conferences, and religious high school. May any possible future offspring of mine remain free from such fardles.

Where was I going with this again? Oh, yes, speedy weekends. It's Sunday already and closing in on noon. When do we start those four-day work weeks, anyway?

After my first little strip, the one with the see-through heads, I started thinking that I would like to do more strips, because there's something very attention-deficit / multi-tasking / complete-focus-to-the-exclusion-of-all-else about making them that I really like. And the Fiery One says he likes them, and I will do pretty much anything he says he likes more than once.

I am also quite pleased with something I've done on my links page. I have a lot of links on it, and when I would add a new one in the past, it was easy for me to forget about them after they had camouflaged themselves against the rest of the list, so in December I started putting a little green NEW! in front of my more recent links. This month, I realized that I was on to something, and I changed it to a little blue NEW! for the links I add. Next month, I have decided to go with a little purple NEW!. What this plan allows me to do is take off the green ones at the beginning of next month and start with a new colour. That way, any links showing as NEW! will only have been added in the last three months. Smart? Oh, yes. Obsessive? Just a smidge.

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