When I Tell You To Read "Out Of Character", I Mean It

Let us say that, when you are toodling around the internet on your computer, the internet category called Weblogs is like an ocean wave coming home to pound the beach that is your literate self. Over 19 million weblogs are all roiling around in the surf, and you are looking for one, just one, today that does not have three hundred crappy widgets slowing up your load time or instant music without an obvious stop button or, gawd forbid, a flash animation splash page to alert everyone around you that you are not working on that woefully out of date manual. That is all you want.

Okay, no. You want more than that. You want them to be funny sometimes, because funny is good. And you want there to be some photographs, because it lends that degree of familiarity from afar, which in most contexts is creepy but is a sign of success on the internet. You want to feel like they're talking to you and not some impersonal mass like some news or corporately sponsored product review website.

You have plucked many a weblog out of the surf, turned it over, and found it left you cold. The weblog looked up at you and said something like I like toast, and you thought well, don't we all, and you threw that bland thing back. Well, I have the cure: Erin's Out of Character.

Her accounts of her remodeling travails are stellar. I cannot say for sure, because I just started reading her this morning, but if you start back in October and read forward, you should catch a good chunk of it.

Her dog, Jake, is supernatural. Or he can fly. Either way, he's alive.

And then, I am not kidding, I was just going to say that the only drawback was that she did not ship her sock zombies from her Etsy shop outside the United States, but I thought I would check to see if she had changed that, and she did, and now I have one coming to me up here in Canada! Erin just gets better and better. This time, by about $17.

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