An Art Gallery Wants For Guest Bloggers

Way, way back on the 7th of December, I was asked if I would guest blog for the MacKenzie Art Gallery, which is basically one of the two largest galleries in the province of Saskatchewan. I was flattered, to say the least, and then the e-mail sunk lower and lower in my inbox until this morning, when I remembered that I was not only invited to write for them but also asked if I might post a little blurb about their call for more guest bloggers. Oops. I wave my white flag at the holiday season.

So, finally, here is their call for submissions:

The MacKenzie Art Gallery Seeks Guest Bloggers

Would you like to collaborate with the MacKenzie Art Gallery? If so, start writing! The MacKenzie Art Gallery launching a blog in January and we are now accepting submissions for guest contributors. Send a short proposal in!

Our goal is to have blog entries that are relevant to our readers. This may mean they deal with topics such as art, the local scene, the gallery, artists, or reviews of exhibitions and programs. With the exhibition Warhol: Larger Than Life coming up in January you may want to consider writing about pop culture, pop art or Andy Warhol. Or you may have a completely unique creative idea -- and we want to hear about it! Blog entries can be personal essays, reviews, creative writing or even visual in nature.We are not looking for academic essays. We want entries to be in your unique voice.

Bloggers whose proposals are selected will receive two complimentary tickets to visit Warhol: Larger Than Life. In order to be considered we need:

  • your name and the URL of your blog (if you currently have one)
  • a very short, informal synopsis of what you would like to do for your guest entry, including the approxmiate length it will be
  • a short bio that we can use to promote you with, if your submission is accepted
  • a deadline -- tell us when your entry will be ready for us to post

  • Proposals are being submitted on an ongoing basis.

    Submit proposals to:
    MacKenzie Communications
    T.C. Douglas Building
    3475 Albert Street
    Regina, Saskatchewan
    S4S 6X6
    (306) 584-4273

    Or email:

    You can also contact the MacKenzie Art Gallery on Facebook and on MySpace. The MacKenzie can also be found on Flickr and YouTube.

    I already have a piece brewing in my head.

    I am a participant in Holidailies 2007.

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