Is "Meme" A Verb Yet?

Janna Cawrse from Happily Even After has tagged me to do the Eight Random Facts/Habits About Me Meme. I have done this one two or three or four times in the past, but I am sure that there are more than thirty-two things about me I can foist upon you. At least, I like to think that I am complex enough to have thirty-two things. Hell, if jello can have an IQ of four (it responds to pressure), I can have more than thirty-two things to say about myself.

Although, I have a difficult time remembering more than one telephone number, so my being able to keep even minimal track of myself might mean that I am in a state of extreme denial about my own complexity.

The Rules Of The Meme:

  • Each player makes a list of eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • At the end of your list, choose eight people to to tag and list their names.
  • Leave them a comment on each of their websites to let them know that they have been tagged.
  • The people tagged will write a post on their own website about their eight things, post these rules, and tag eight others.

  • Addendum To The Rules:
  • The people tagged can ignore the rules, my tagging, tagging others, etc. This is a democracy, dammit!
  • Eight Random Facts/Habits About Schmutzie Again:

    1. I kill plants. I do not do it outrightly on purpose, but there is a touch of on-purpose-ness involved in their deaths.

    Over the last nineteen years, I occasionally think that it is a good idea to flesh out my windowsills with some greenery. I even take the care to buy potting soil and vermiculite and then mix the two in correct proportion to the needs of the individual plants.

    At first, it is a loving relationship. They grow and provide oxygen, I water and prune them, and everybody is a winner, but this atmosphere of symbiotic support slowly gives way over time. I become forgetful and stop watering them. When they wilt a bit, I feel put out that I have to give in to their needs when I would rather soak in the bath or write a poem or just ignore them because they are so damned needy.

    Yes, my issue with neediness runs so far as to reject dry plants that have no access to rainfall. How dare they wilt in my presence! Buck up, young violets!

    I feel guilt about the whole process, because I am well aware that I am entirely at fault for their deaths, but instead of giving them to loving homes, I simply learn to ignore all plant-populated spaces in the apartment until they are suitably trash-worthy.

    I keep cacti now.

    2. When I was in grade four, a girl in my class had rainbow-striped knee socks with individual toes of all different colours. I wanted a pair very much but never got them for Christmas like I had asked. I still want a pair so that I can prance around in them and then wiggle my toes a lot. I am a person of simple pleasures.

    3. I have long eyelashes that always hit the lenses of my glasses. If I do not wear mascara, my lashes leave greasy streaks from my blinking, so I wear mascara every day no matter what so that I can see decently well.

    4. I do not like to drink water out of anything ceramic, be it a tea cup, coffee mug, or whathaveyou. Water does not taste right unless it is in a glass or the right kind of plastic cup.

    (I have rules about what kinds of plastic cups will suffice for water consumption, but those are too lengthy to mention here.)

    5. I find the blandness of English food depressing.

    6. I do not like it when the top of a woman's shoe comes down so low around her toes that there is toe cleavage. That bit of toe cleavage created by the big and second toes looks like plumber's butt.

    7. When I use public payphones, I always smell the handset. It is disgusting, but my curiosity always gets the best of me. Payphone handsets usually smell like a mix of old cigarette breath and cheap perfume. I do not know what I think might change every time I do it. I doubt the handset is ever going to smell like miniature doughnuts or chicken cacciatore.

    8. I am allergic to telephone books.

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