It's Another Join-The-Herd Thursday. We Are Bleeting.

The number of participants in the Collection of Spectacles blogroll numbers 87, and 87 is the number of extra special people in the Collection of Spectacles blogroll.

You will now race to hand over your 70X70 thumbnails (or some image I can personally edit down), because you are exactly as fantastic as these fine folks.

You really are.

Kate from FreshDeuceThe latest submission comes from Kate from FreshDeuce. FreshDeuce is "...the personal - yet public - blog of the Editor-in-Chief, Kate Whelan and Contributing Editors, Ceann Lithun & Misti Whitaker." Kate is very much into the hatred of the dirty, dirty whores these days and dealing with a sexist dog. Cheap women and sexist dogs will get any woman riled up.

And you! You can be just like Kate, only hopefully minus the whorey ladies and the nasty dog, if you join the Collection of Spectacles blogroll. You, me, that guy down the street who's been wearing the same sweat pants for three years - anyone is welcome. You can be near-sighted, far-sighted, a visual impairment wannabe, or just someone vain enough to own fashion frames, and I'll accept your entry. That is, I will as long as your website is not dripping with a putrid distillation of racism or mysogyny or is just plain mean, because I like the decency, I does, and I get the say-so. Heck, I'll even take you if you don't have a website, because I have a section for the websiteless, so inclusive am I. And, if your spirit is willing, there are badges for your website to show off your internetty coolness.

So, join up, all of you!

Oh, also, you should really go vote for me by using those links at the top of the column. Why? Just because.

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