I Am Like The Rooster, Thanks, In Part, To You

Karen, of the frozen innards comment found below, sent me
this proud and strong rooster. He's a handsome devil, is he not?

My e-mail inbox is in a ridiculous state right now. It is overflowing with so many encouraging e-mails, and I have been at a loss for how to respond to them all yet.


Okay, since I wrote those first two sentences, nearly three hours has passed. I was miraculously inspired to respond to every single one of the e-mails I received to encourage me through this cancer thing with which I've suddenly got to deal. I was so very inspired and encouraged and grateful that I took quotes from them and posted them below with links to their websites, where applicable. That's right, I took quotes without permission from personal e-mails and am arresting my readers of their privacy. I must be evil, except that I am totally not, because I want to show my gratitude for all the kindness this here internet has shown me over the last few days. You intertubers truly know how to make a gal feel loved.

  • "You CAN beat it. Make that your mantra." (Kelliqua from Prattle Inc.)

  • "Don't let anyone tell you how to feel, and what to think, or what to do, even if they have the best intentions..." (Sophia)

  • "...you're not alone..." (Ada from Australia)

  • "Unitarians say: I will hold you in my heart - and so I will..." (Blackbird from Say La Vee)

  • "...don't be afraid to let others be strong for you." (Bronwyn from Reality Check)

  • "...you are truly in my thoughts and I'm sending love and peace to you and [the Palinode]." (TB from Soul Gardening)

  • "Call me or [Starcat] any time, day or night, if you need a shoulder to freak out on. Or if you want to discuss cats or tupperware or other things to distract yourself." (K)

  • "Be strong like the rooster on your site!" (Neil from Citizen of the Month)

  • "I luv ya, I hope you know that." (Typicalquirk from If I Quit Looking For Myself, Maybe I'll Show Up)

  • "...things will get better, no matter how impossible that sounds right now." (Jason)

  • "You're young and strong, and you will kick this bitch right to the curb." (Alice from Finslippy)

  • "...start projecting when it's over and you are well and cancer is just a scary memory, not a current reality." (Lin from DottyNana)

  • "Cancer is a weird/hard/awful disease to have, and strangely it's even harder to talk about." (Erin)

  • "I know that you'll get through this no problem." (Dominic)

  • "...eat a lot of greens. Quit smoking." (Friday from Friday Films)

  • "Please believe me when I tell you that I love you. I do, you know." (Dawn)

  • "I feel like coming to [Cityville] and hugging you for a whole day." (Tam from Greeneggsandtam)

  • "'Dude, that sucks.'" (Sarah from In the Rough)

  • "...you just happen to be one of the brightest lights in my life, between you and [the Palinode] you could light up the northern hemispere I'm sure." (Wench from Wenchwire)

  • "...you want to put a wand full of liquid nitrogen WHERE? My innards aren't going to crack and fall out?" (Karen)

  • "I admire your wonderful outlook and approach to life, and I know that if anybody can see this through it is you..." (Shawna)

  • "I would just like to mention for the record, this truly and unequivocally sucks." (DD from T.K.O. ...more or less...)

  • "i'd like to punch something or someone to prove it but alas, there is nothing but the couch. and that really doesn't make much of a statement, does it? when my fist just gets swallowed up in the cushion and disappears for a second until i pull it out? and the couch - it looks exactly like it did before i punched." (Leah from Leahpeah)

  • "I...hope that in this curve ball that life has thrown you, you find some precious things that sustain you and make you stronger - in whatever form they come." (Deb from Pink Emerson Radio)

  • "I will be sending my positive thoughts and energy your way for as long as you need it." (Kate)

  • "...i've been at a loss for something suitably encouraging-slash-appropriate to say (and kept coming up with borderline-slash-awful things at best like 'but think what a great hallowe'en costume you could have this year - excised cervix! bonus points for creative, gross AND really scary!' ... sorry)." (Tintenfisch)

  • "I hope the path your health leads you down from here is easy and that the only surprise you encounter from here on out is an unexpectedly fast recovery." (Amy from The Texture of Things)
  • I would also like to thank Ozma, Miscellaneous Mum, and Alice for thinking of me in their posts.

    I send all the love back at you, people. Your words of encouragement in both my comments sections and through e-mails have truly surrounded me with a strength that I don't think I would have had without you. Thank you.

    Dodging Reality's Giant Bag Of Uteri