#784: Let's Hug

A few days ago, armed with the best of intentions (I know, the road to hell and all that), I decided that I wanted to thank all the people who have stopped in and commented since my diagnosis on May 11, 2007. I naïvely thought that I would be able to put together a list of those commenters in no time, because it is the same ones over and over, right? I was so very wrong.

Over the last three months, way more than a ton of people dropped in and left notes, and I am a freak who, once I found myself hip deep in hand-coding links to everyone, could not stop. I thought to myself: Sure, I have gone cross-eyed in one afternoon of obsessive research through my archives and typing, but I can't quit now! That would make everything I've done meaningless! And so, in my usual obsessive style, I persevered for three days. My vision is blurry and the joints in my fingers are stiff, but the list is done, by which I mean Thank You, because the last three months have been some of the most difficult of my life, damn cancer for being such a bitch, and now that I am just over a week away from going back to work, I am looking back and realizing how much having all of you peoples peopling my comments has meant to me. All your words, from encouraging me to stay strong to simply giggling over a video, have helped to bring me along through some really difficult afternoons, and I am grateful.

Here you are, all the last three months of you. Thank you!

KBAB from *%@#!#& • Kizz from 117Hudson • Saskboy from Abandoned Stuff • Abigail from Abigail's Road To Nowhere • Abra Leah Cross from Abra Leah Stamps • alisa from Aelysa • aleximac • Alice • Alli • Amanda • kristina from AmericanMum • Amy • Andrea • Miss A from andreaheimer.wordpress.com • the insider from an insider's view of life • Another Joan • Whimspiration from ArtFoodFun.com • Lymphopo from As The Tumor Turns • Audrey • Jane from Average Jane • Tamara from Awkwardly Social • Nora from Bathtub Adventurer • aithne from Belladrama • Birchsprite from birchsprite • moi from Bite the Apple • blair • Tina T-P from A Blip on the Radar • Betsy from Blog Ness Monster • Brooke from Brooke Brannon • Jane from By Jane • Day Dreamer from Candid Yammering • Rachel from Capture • Carolyn • Momma from The Casual Perfectionist • Jaya from Cat On My Head • cenobyte from centre of the universe: the dreaming • ali from Cheaper Than Therapy • cheesefairy • Heide from chez zero • Amy from Chickbone Jones • Neil from Citizen of the Month • Jem from ClubJemma • Deezee from Confessional Highway • Ree from Confessions of a Pioneer Woman • Becki from Cooking With Whine • notquiteawake from Counting Sheep • Angel from The Crafty Angel's Collection at Zazzle • Bon from cribchronicles.com • lala from Crosswind • limegreenspyda from the crowd of me • Madame M. from A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm! • Deanna • Deb • debbie • Debbie from Debbie Does Blog... • Demery • Diana from Di Has Stories....(And They're All True) • Shannon from doahleigh • The Dol • Lin from DottyNana • Carolyn from Drops of Blood • jess from drowning in kids • CND from Drugs and Poisons • CGHill from dustbury.com • Derek from ...eats bugs. • eliza • Emily from Emily E. 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