#773: Exhaustion And Carcass Shopping

Here's how it goes since I have been off work following my hysterectomy.

I wake up when the Palinode hobbles off to catch a taxi to work. I read a little bit from a magazine or a book or the internet, and then at about 11:30 a.m., I turn over for a nap. When I wake, I might do a sinkload of dishes, which I find very tiring, because it involves standing, so at about 2:30 p.m., I lie down again. Sometimes I can't sleep, but I can't read, either, so I watch Onion lick himself and try not to think about how boring it is to be too tired to do anything. I have a shower at about 4:00 p.m. Then, the Palinode comes home. I stay awake until he comes to bed, but frankly, the shower I took was tiring, and so I spend my time absently surfing the internet. Occasionally, we will go out after he gets off work or I will have coffee at a local café that has wireless, but that means that I will spend even more of the next day asleep than usual.

Coffee helps. It at least gives me some mental alertness.

When you're tired, you don't remember anything, and I don't remember much. It has been a blur since July 3rd. The Palinode will tell me that we are having dinner with That Girl, but I will forget and think that we are having dinner with someone else, and then forget that dinner was ever planned with anyone and wonder why the Palinode sounds so excited about the evening. I haven't taken photographs, because I forget to take my camera with me. I also forget my keys in the mailbox lock and toilet paper at the drug store and what I am writing about.

I am yawning and stretching while I type this, but I am sick of napping. I am going to make myself some tea and, and, no, screw that. I am going to wet my hair down and drag my ass to the drug store, because I am going to have coffee. I am going to make it thick like a clay slurry with sugar and cream, and I am going to down it like jello shots.

That's it. I'm off to shower and go get coffee, and I am taking my camera.


I am now escaping the heat in an air-conditioned café with free wireless. And, not surprisingly, I forgot my camera. But I have coffee! (That exclamation mark is for That Girl, because she loves them so!!!!!) Although, my original intention was to buy coffee grounds and make it at home, but I forgot and just headed to the nearest decent café.

Switch! Yesterday, That Girl drove the Palinode and I to an M&M Meat Shop, and I was sorely disappointed. Don't get me wrong. They had a wide selection of tasty-seeming pre-made meals, of which I bought a few. What disappointed me was the lack of raw carcass hanging around. For some reason, possibly because my family time-warped to the present from some time in the 1800s, I had this idea that there might be half of a big, dead cow hanging behind the counter and maybe some guy with a moustache wearing a bloody apron who would stand there with his hands on his hips, chest out, looking proud of the carnage he had to offer me. This was not the case. Instead, all of the dead things were packed away in nearly identical tidy, white boxes, and there was this sour-faced woman behind the faux granite counter that refused to speak out loud to me except to try to sell me a free membership.

(I have this thing against free memberships to anything. If a company is going to give you a membership for free, then why wouldn't they just give you the discounts anyway? Because what they are doing is basically paying you for the information they will extract from you before they hand over your membership card. If some person just up and offered me a bunch of coupons or cash in exchange for my personal information, I wouldn't do it. Would you? Now my skepticism has robbed me of bulk meat discounts, and you know about my paranoia. Stop looking at me.)

Before I left the meat store, I notice that they had a display of reusable bags for $1.99 with the shop's logo on it. They sell meat bags for frequent meat shoppers! I am still laughing about the prospect of owning my own meat bag. I understand laptop bags and knitting bags, but meat bags? Do I really carry meat that often? Does anyone? How often do you carry meat?

The caffeine, she has hit. Thankful-fecking-ly.

I just e-mailed the Palinode to let him know that I had managed to extricate myself from the bed and was out of the apartment. During that exchange, he found an opportune moment to write That is the best news I've heard since the doctors told me those things were just testicles. And now you have to think about the Palinode's testicles. It's so easy.

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