#790: The Nice Matters Award

Nice Matters AwardI Am The Diva has passed this award on to me because, according to her, I am "...a great writer/poet/photographer...", and she also liked the template tips I e-mailed to her. Wench chose me because "...[I make her] laugh and cry... exercize[sic] [her] brain".

The longer I am alive, the more apparent it is becoming that I am, in fact, awesome.

This why I spend so much time hiding out in my apartment. My building's front lawn in littered with my masses of fans yowling like horny cats.


So, I would like to pay it forward and honour others for their niceness, because being nice is highly underrated these days. I am awarding the following five with the Nice Matters Award (which originated at Bella-Enchanted):

  • Blair: She makes art, she canudes, she looks smashing in vintage swimwear, she's cool, and even with all of these fine attributes, her head is not swollen. That's nice in action.

  • Miss Nicola: She did not give me a freaked out look when I drunkenly insisted on hugging her at the folk festival a couple of weekends ago when we probably haven't even heard each other's voices in six years. That takes niceness.

  • Dana: She likes my poetry, which will put just about anyone in my good books, and she works to create active and welcoming poetry communities on and off the internet, which is a nice thing to do for all us poet types.

  • Linda: She's thoughtful and likes cats and described herself as "...the lovable neighborhood rabid dog of your dreams."

  • Sarah: She is carving out a life with all her loves in it - children, a wonderful mate, a job she believes in, acting - and I am envious of that ability. Plus, she's nice while she does it all. I haven't seen her in years, but I am sure that's true.
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