#791: We Be Tourists

L and I took a trip to Moose Jaw yesterday.

the road to Moose Jaw

We wanted to see how the Moose Javians lived, both past and present. Presently, they seem to have a thing for cars on rooftops and, of course, Al Capone.

Capone's Hideaway Theme Motel

Moose Jaw has one of the best Thai restaurants in Canada, Nit's. It's sad that restaurants are so hard to make out with.


The food was so freaking good that I ate it before I remembered to take a picture of it. What you see are the remnants of a cucumber and red onion salad and the peanut sauce that went with chicken on wooden sticks.

lunch at Nit's

The food is incredible, which is why I continue to go back after seeing the state of their bathroom. Ew. L wouldn't even touch the roller towel.

Nit's bathroom 1

Nit's Rule #1: DO NOT let the state of the bathroom make your imagination run wild. Just concentrate on the chicken in red sauce and carry on.

Nit's bathroom 2

After lunch, we went on a tour of the underground laundry in the Tunnels of Moose Jaw where Chinese immigrants lived and worked for terribly low wages and poor treatment. We paid $13 to be ordered around and told we were lazy. Luckily, I like that sort of thing.

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

The Moose Javians even have a fancy schmancy trolley in keeping with the 1907 theme.


The placard beneath following painting says "We prefer to think of it as a "meaningful relationship". I'm sure you do, perverts.

We prefer to think of it as a 'meaningful relationship'

Then, with full stomachs and a fresh dose of cultural shame, we headed back to Cityville for beer with some fine folks, including the Palinode, who you can see was feeling quite blurry and over-exposed. And yes, that is a scarf he's wearing. I'm no longer on speaking terms with August.

the man

The End.

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