#798: Things I Am Afraid Of

  1. Insects buzzing right by my ear
  2. Electricity
  3. Death
  4. Big, unleashed dogs
  5. Absolute dark
  6. Cigarette lighters
  7. Chunks of hair that clog the drain
  8. Standing on chairs or ladders
  9. Roller coasters
  10. Cocoons, when I am not expecting them
  11. The insides of old, abandoned shoes
  12. Dolls with eyes that open and close
  13. Toasters
  14. Hair dryers
  15. Rape
  16. My cats' claws
  17. Yelling
  18. Being hit by cars
  19. Walking alone at night
  20. Open closets when I am trying to sleep
  21. Cancer
  22. Occasionally, my pets, which has included cats, fish, hamsters, and lizards
  23. Being thought a fool
  24. Law enforcement officials
  25. Mould
  26. Nothingness
  27. Horses
  28. Outhouse holes
  29. Swimming in deep, natural bodies of water
  30. Dentists

And you?

#799: Who Rocks The Spouse Thing Most Hard?

I'll Just Be Over Here, Yawning Myself To Death