#777: Keeping Dirty

I woke up feeling somewhat energetic today, meaning I still need a nap, because it's noon, my gawd, but I have enough juice to actually do something about this apartment we have trashed through over a month of sweating on and around everything without cleaning up. Us post-hysterectomy types with husbands with crippled backs end up with dirty houses.

So, I woke up with the best intentions, ready to tackle our terrificly disgusting bathroom, when I heard rain splashing into puddles on the street outside. Enter ridiculous phobia number two: my fear of running a lot of water inside when it is raining. As far back as I can remember, I don't like to take baths and will definitely not shower when it is raining. Running water to clean the bathtub is out, too. Dishes could happen, because I would only have to run the water for a little while and could step away while the sink filled. You know, because I could die or something.

I have this idea that I would become one of those rare cases in which a person is electrocuted by lightning through their bathwater. Don't laugh, because it really can happen.

Plus, sometimes it feels good to hang around in your own eau de vivre and revel in the sour-sweet smell that wafts up when you reach for the salt. (I find that cooking naked helps to keep the stench flowing free and easy.)

When you write a sentence inside brackets, do you put the period inside or outside the second bracket?

#778: Oskar Chaps My Butt

"Ankle Injuries" by Fujiya & Miyagi and "Fell In Love With A Girl" by the White Stripes