Saskatchewan Is An Alien Colony

I checked the weather online, saw that it was -49°C with the windchill, and thought Wow, I really need to go out there and see how weather that is seven times colder than a deep freeze feels for five minutes. Three minutes into it, when my nose had become numb and my fingertips were doing that numb-but-burning-with-the-pain-of-frostbite thing, I thought that I must be a certifiable loon, but I stuck it out, because my one or two cigarettes a day are more important than maintaining my extremities. Obviously.

I shot the following video, the second I have ever shot, which is screamingly obvious, because I somehow thought I could show you the cold. I proceeded to shoot a few moments of a red-tinged street (it was too cold to change my camera settings) and did not even think of turning the camera on myself: I was wearing over-sized winter boots with my pants tucked into them, mittens, a fuzzy long coat, a lime green toque, and two scarves wrapped around me. Aside from my glasses peeking out, my head was a tangled mess of yarn. Instead, though, you get what looks like a human settlement on Mars. Look! We transplanted elm trees from Earth to make it seem more like home!

Saskatchewan Is Mars from schmutzie on Vimeo.

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