On The Lam In Spain

So, I had this dream that you really want to hear about.

In the dream, the Palinode and I were separated because I was having a mid-life crisis and wanted to work in another town as a waitress in a little sandwich bar and live above it in a crappy apartment that was painted Pepto Bismol pink. I think my dream self was quite stupid.

At some point, I had become involved with a group of people who knew someone who looked exactly like me, and this doppelganger had manipulated things so that it looked like I had committed a murder that she had in fact committed, and I had no way to disprove it. This all somehow implicated the Palinode, so I called him up, told him to come get me, and we booked it to Spain where we moved to a remote valley in the middle of the mountains where the backs of the houses were all carved into the rock and the fronts looked down on the center of the town. At night, all the lights winked like fireflies against the black mountain face, making it feel as though we, the whole town, were all tucked inside one, cozy room.

We decided that despite our lack of decent Spain-style spanish and the fact that we would never see North America again, we could be very happy, because IKEA delivered to our little town, and their furniture fit right into our budget. Also, I got to wear these funky, asymmetrical sweaters, because we lived in the mountains where it was cooler, and apparently the Spanish have a madly stylish sweater-sense.

The End.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the group of people I got involved with during my mid-life crisis comprised these lame hippie-types who wore those slouchy top hats sewn out of guatemalan material and fanned their fingers out while whispering "five finger discount" every time they stole something from cheezy strip malls on the edge of town, which was a lot. One of them even wore a cloak rimmed with foxes' tails. I was actually kind of relieved to be taking the fall for the murder, because it meant that I could get the hell out of Dodge and avoid having to punch each of them personally in the neck.

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