Five Star Friday: Edition #30

It's Five Star Friday, which means that the following fourteen posts were submitted by readers who thought that these were of a high enough caliber to warrant highlighting for the rest of us, which also means that we can spend our Friday indulging in good weblog writing rather such tedious tasks as filing or doing laundry or whatever it is that you do when it's not Five Star Friday.

Leave comments on the entries you read and let the authors feel a little more famous.

"Marriage and Christianity: View from the Pew" from Blog This Mom!

"Californians - Vote No on Prop 8" from Awkwardly Social

"Getting the Ending Right" from Fat Cyclist

"The Right Is Calling" from Missives from Suburbia

"Christians Steal Hollywood's Wallet from Al Gore" by Black Hockey Jesus at MamaPop

"Dates" from So, It's Come Down to This

"Open Letter to Mr. Obama" from Simply Nutmeg

"I Was a Teenage Vegetarian" from Motherhood in NYC

"All Obama Supporters Are Liberal Elite Fatties" from Sterkworks

"An Open Letter to Martha Stewart" from Why Mom Drinks Rum

"Everyone Blogs After Work" from The Weirdgirl

"Sixteen" from Sweetney

"Evelyn" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"[originally submitted post redacted]" from Wild Rumpus

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