I Surf, You Click

"First Person Plural" by Paul Bloom at The Atlantic: "An evolving approach to the science of pleasure suggests that each of us contains multiple selves—all with different desires, and all fighting for control."

Rad Dudes is a weblog dedicated to only the raddest of dudes.

Continuing with my ongoing fascination with morbid topics, here is a list of the last photos taken of people before their respective deaths.

This brilliant interpretation of another's words was adapted by Clifton Burt from a haiku originally written by John Maeda.

This collection on craft disasters at Craftastrophe makes me feel better about my gonzo crafting.

I can't stop thinking about the words "meat analogue" since I came across them recently. I don't think that I will be eating mock duck any time soon.

These are some damn cute Twitter buttons.

Have you heard of Hot Chicks with Douchebags? Well, now you have. And I'm sorry.

The Clothes Horse is a delightfully vain fashion weblog.

Miriam Makeba, who passed away recently, gives a brief talk on the click consonants in her language, Xhosa, and sings "The Click Song" in this YouTube video.

PoemTalk is a podcast series sponsored by the Poetry Foundation.

Musicians often adopt stage names, and here are the real names of 182 of them revealed. Do you think friends and family call Tori Amos "Myra" at home?

This cake in a mug recipe sounds like the perfect thing to go with my lazy, Sunday afternoon coffee.

Bunnies in concert:

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