Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #10

In honour of our eight intrepids who are so bravely sharing their own work with us, here is Schoolhouse Rock's tribute to the figure 8:

Remember to leave comments on their posts and let them know that you've dropped in. It'll make a blogger smile.

"Hobo Love" from A Mandolyn and Ky

"The Best Invitation to Join a Cult That I've Ever Received" from Traveling Circus

"Authority is an Illusion" from Robert Walker Online

"Excerpt from No Place Like Home" from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction

"Poppies" from Saviabella

"Bagging It" from Radiate the Dance

"Giant Heads" from Ice Cream Is Nice Cream

"Good Job" from A Thousand Miles from the Place I Was Born

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