Links For Everyone!

Idiotic Hat is where it's at, baby, or at least it's a very good blog.

I've got this serious double chin thing going on, and it's getting seriouser and seriouser, so believe me when I tell you that I can actually feel the burn after doing these double-chin-eradicating exercises.

Here is what the Mona Lisa would look like if she were painted by other artists.

Granta's "How to Write About Africa" is searing:

Never have a picture of a well-adjusted African on the cover of your book, or in it, unless that African has won the Nobel Prize. An AK-47, prominent ribs, naked breasts: use these. If you must include an African, make sure you get one in Masai or Zulu or Dogon dress.

Give Me Something to Read compiles links to some of the most frequently bookmarked articles on Instapaper. It covers a little bit of everything. I usually find something of interest there.

These 15 amazing houses will, well, they'll amaze you.

Curious about the daily lives of famous individuals like Charles Darwin or Emily Post? Daily Routines has got the dirt.

SUMO Paint is an image editor that lets you play with images and create graphics within your browser.

Jim Harrison's "Barking" is a poem both short and succinct.

For the love of good quotations, check out Daily Aphorisms.

This recipe for curried candied pecans sounds delicious. I'm all out of pecans, so tell me how it turns out.

Google Book Search has launched its archives of magazines scanned in their entirety. This article from a 1972 New York Magazine about the beginnings of Ms. caught my attention. I must go live there now.

Google Image Search has an incredible archive of photographs from LIFE dating back to the 1750s.

Richard Ford wrote at The New Yorker in 1998 about meeting Raymond Carver shortly before he became a celebrated short story author in "Good Raymond". (Thanks, Sweetney)

The pug head tilt is freaking hilari-cute:

You might need more pug head-tilting.

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