The First Ever Five Star Friday

Five Star FridayIt is officially the first Five Star Friday!

By way of a short explanation:
either every Thursday or every other Thursday, I will put a call out via Twitter for the submission of individual weblog posts that rise above the dreck proliferating on the internet, and I will highlight them in a post the following day, hence the name Five Star Friday. I do not care if the posts are three years old or were posted this morning, and they can be written by someone else or by you, if you are into the self-pimpage. As long as they are excellent reads, send them my way on Twitter. (Read the bottom of this post for instructions on how to message me on Twitter). Submitting entries to Five Star Friday offers kudos to those you love, and it serves up good writing for the rest of us.

So, without further ado, here are your submissions for Five Star Friday. You people are a generous lot. Enjoy!

  • "Every Day Like Christmas" from Lawyerish
  • "Alphabet: A History (D)" from City Wendy
  • "Food Is Not An 'Issue', Part 1" from Things I've Found In Pockets
  • "Handsome Henry" from Psychicgeek
  • "Portions" from Collective Heartburn
  • "April 10" from House Of Prince
  • "Bloggie Friend Swap" from Confessions Of A Jersey Girl...
  • "Let's Start At Ridiculous And Move Backwards" from The Collective
  • "Business Plan For A Business I Don't Own" from Save Your Generation
  • "Belated Valentine's Day Chocolate Truffles" from BipolarLawyerCook
  • "Off My Chest" from Toddler Planet
  • "Strap In, Shut Up, And Hold On. We're Going Back." from 15 Minute Lunch
  • "He Won't Share!" from Dr. Pepper Is Good 4 The Soul
  • "I Guess What I'm Saying Is, Can't We All Just Get Along, Bitches?" from Sarcastic Mom
  • "Snakes In The Snow" from From The Living Room
  • "And The Mazda Goes Hmmmm" from Moogie's World
  • Thanks for all your submissions! Keep an eye out for Five Star Friday in another week or two.

    Five Star Friday: Edition #1

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