Call For Submissions

The third edition of Five Star Friday is two days away, and I am excited by the great weblog entries that have already been submitted. I have read some truly sterling material from weblogs and authors of whom I had not before heard.

Seriously, and I am not being cheezy or hyperbolic here, I am moved by the generosity people have shown through sharing others' work, and what hit me this week as I have been working on the third edition is that this is going to continue. You would think that I might have realized that a little earlier when I bought the domain name or designed the whole freaking website or put Five Star Friday on Twitter or set up its own e-mail address, but no, I did not.

I think it took me so long to realize that this was going to happen every week, because it took me a couple of editions of Five Star Friday to realize exactly how reader-driven this website is and will continue to be. I may have taken care of the aesthetics, and I stick the links into entries, but it is all of you, both those who submit weblog entries and those who come by to enjoy them, that drive the content and community.

Imagine now that I am sending you one of those glossy cards with a soft-focus photograph of a rose on it and big, gold script that says Thank You. Awwwwwww.

This entry is starting to make me feel like I am coughing up hairballs, so I will move on to the call for submissions. As it has been, and as it will always be, it's Wednesday, and I want you to send me the URLs to particular weblog entries via Twitter that do the weblog world proud. Check out "How To Submit A Weblog Entry", have at it with the links, and subscribe to Five Star Friday to keep up with good writing.

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