Things I Like To See

I like seeing:

  • older men, bald, riding bicycles shirtless. Their love handles are friendly-looking, like I could poke them and make them chuckle.
  • five baby gophers rolling together in the grass. They stand up against each other in a mock fight four inches tall and then leap into tumbling balls of squeaking baby pudge.
  • swallows squabbling over airspace. When they finally collide with the ground, they screech and peck, and one runs under a bush while the victor struts into takeoff.
  • the poplar leaves twist, flashing silver and green in the lateral early light. They clatter like rushing water over stones.
  • sibling dogs wrestling with their teeth out, playing killers but waggling their tails like windmills.

    Perdita's jaws

  • the new garage that is being built behind a house near my apartment building. I like watching each new layer - sand, rebar, fresh cement, wooden frames, etc. - rise up to show more of the finished project every morning on my way to work.
  • the uncomfortable girl across the street whose puberty has made her anxious and shy. She is beautiful, but she shuffles her feet back and forth in a little dance that she hopes will make her invisible until her ride comes every morning.
  • hasty pony tails on office women after work who have kicked their shoes off at a pub, because the weather has proved too hot for all that mature dignity crap.
  • 50x365 #274: Tenille

    50x365 #273: Sheldon S.