Five Star Friday: Edition #14

It's Friday! My favourite day!

Okay, it's not my favourite day. I kind of prefer Wednesdays for some reason. I think that it's because I like the way Wednesday looks when it is spelled out.

You care.

The following twenty weblog entries offer up some mighty fine readin', so click on through and make them famous.

"Black and White and Read All Over. Also, Lactates." from Jerk Ethic

"The Summer I Changed My Name to Rhody" from That's What She Blogged

"On Huckabee and Stupidity" from The Nervous Axon

"The Homestead" from Sweet Juniper!

"Garden FAIL" from Ninja Poodles!

"Here Is a Story for You" from Finslippy

"Going Down" from Defective Yeti

"Twitterho Has a Dream" from Mommy Pie

"My Last Blog" from Punk Rock Mommy

"Should I Send It?" from Suburban Turmoil

"It's Wall-E's World, We Just Live in It" from In Palinode's Palace

"Omega Blogger" from NYC Watchdog - A Pile of Dog Bones

"My Magical Boobies" from SparklieSunShine

"Patina" from Notes to Self

"Fourth of July Pre-Party... Get Yer Sparklers Here" from Rock & Roll Mama

"Part Seven... The Amazing Story of Madeline Alice's Birth!" from The Newborn Identity

"Seeking Cold Pocket of Joy" from Imaginary Binky

"Soft Rock" from PIFFLE

"I Saw a Famous Person" from The Modernity Ward

"Encounters with the Wildlife" from Exurbitude

Since I will be departing for the BlogHer '08 conference on Thursday, July 17th, I would like to pull together a Five Star Friday post by Wednesday of this coming week, which I will then date ahead for Friday so that we can all pretend it's legit. What I mean is, I need your help. I need your help every week, because you who submit excellent posts are the ones who actually run the site, I just administrate, but this week I need your help faster.

So, go read weblogs now! And report back with top notch entries that you've found! The posts you send will be featured in the coming Friday's edition, and fame will abound over the internets.

Also, subscribe to this website so that you don't miss future Five Star Fridays, and take a button for your website to show off how cool you are to be hanging with such a hip crowd.

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