Today Is A Good Day. Pass It On.

I like this:

alley infrastructure
rust stains on some metal thingamajigger in an alley

and here are twenty-one other things I remembered that I like today:

fluffy clouds,
fat gophers that whistle at you,
the scars on my stomach,
lime green,
crazy street people who think Canadian dollar coins are gold doubloons,
little boxes that are too small to hold much of anything,
tin foil,
handmade socks,
pumpkins, both for their colour and the sound of the word,
the obsessive colliding of a donut and the name Warren in my head,
the word troglodyte,
handwritten letters in the mail,
rodeo clowns,
the smell of the inside of old, oak liquor barrels when you saw them in half,
dust on cats who are blinking into the sun,
that the Road Runner, the cartoon character, is such a bizarre interpretation of the real bird,
saying scads and feeling like I should be wearing red lipstick and a little hat in the 1940s,
and Five Star Friday.

And you?

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