Do I Snore?

The strangest thing has come up. A little while ago, Angela from Fluid Pudding noticed that my website snores. I thought that she meant there was some kind of odd noise that her computer made, but I was shocked when she shot the following video to show me what happens:

My website SNORES.

It doesn't snore on my computer, but it quite clearly snores on hers. If you have ever wondered if you should just close up your weblog over worries of boring the world to death, worry not. Yours, at least, has probably not put itself into a deep, snory sleep.

It looks to me like Angela is using Firefox on a Mac to view this website. Is this a Mac thing? Does this website snore for you when you hover over the upper left corner of the page? Do you know why it might be doing this?

I don't want to get rid of the snoring, really. I actually kind of like this quirk. That is, I like it if it is not a symptom that highlights my claptrap template code.

So, tell me: do I snore? and do you know why?

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