Five Star Friday: Edition #19

Go get yourself a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you drink to relax. Three fingers of gin isn't bad.

I'm not kidding. Go.

This week is the biggest week ever as far as submissions go at Five Star Friday. There are forty-two weblog entries here that need your click-through attention. 42. You know, the answer to life, the universe, and everything? FORTY-TWO.

I'm sorry. I think I'm out-nerding some of you. I just about out-nerded myself there for a second. What I am trying to say is: sit back, relax, and enjoy the following submissions to Five Star Friday like this is one big, fat magazine. It's good for you.

"Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do" by Tom Vanderbilt at Design Observer

"Short Stack" from Dooce

"How to Poach an Egg, Smitten Kitchen-Style" from Smitten Kitchen

"Body Image: I Really Am Chubby" from Chubby Mommy Running Club

"A New Brake Job" from The Crooked Shall Be Made Straight

"Guerilla Goodness 5 and Ding-Dong Ditchin'..." from Kindness Girl

"A Dad We Can Believe In" from a Bottle

"Inky Thinks That This Blog Sucks" from I, Asshole

"Just Wash Them Already" from Missives from Suburbia

"In Honor of Back to School Week" from Vintage Thirty

"Secret Women's Business" from Fly My Pretty

"Of Stories, Homes, and True Gifts" from Pilgrimsteps

"A Daybook of Six Simple Things" from High Desert Home

"Swimming Advice" from Can't Backspace

"Look at That S-Car Go!" from Dutch Me Gently, Please

"I Am a Hussy" from She Just Walks Around With It

"Conductor on the Train of Life" from Childs Play x2

"50-100 Calories an Hour. Or About 4 Calories in 3 Minutes." from Mom-101

"What Matters..." from Mother of Shrek

"Catherine the Queen" by Redneck Mommy at Her Bad Mother

"Briefing #415: Constructed Languages" from Viper Pilot's Briefing Room

"The Road to Hell Is Paved With Incidents Where I Yell at the Elderly" from It's Like, I'm... Mmmagic!

"Adbusters: Hipster" from Davka: Deer Girl Medicine

"This Is What Happened in My Head But in Real Life I Just Said 'Fine. Thanks.'" from The Bloggess

"My Favorite Relationship Advice" from SparklieSunShine

"Camper Gone Missing" from Small Town. Small Times.

"Tummy Mommy" from Is There Any Mommy Out There?

"Oh, Baby" from Evany's Extended Cake Mix

"I Played Hard In the Battle of the Books" from Degrees Latitude

"The Marine Lines" from Popagandhi

"My Life of Humiliation with Grand Theft Auto IV" from Palinode

"Swearing and Sex!!!" from Counting Sheep

"5 Reasons Budgets Don't Work" from

"We Will Soon Be Gone from This Place" from Motherscribe

"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... Seriously!" from House of Jules

"When I Worked in a Photo Lab, Pt. 2" from Two Drink Maximum

"What Bull!" from Jen's Journey

"Welcome, Oh Life. And Learning How to Breathe" from Gluten-Free Girl

"I Don't Want to Be" from eMOTIONal

"Finding the Right Word" from Musings from a French Fried Texan

"A Dinner of Olympic Proportions" from Suburban Scrawl

"I Like Boobs, and I Think They're Popular in the Funny Books, Too" from Where is My Mind?

Five Star Friday runs on reader submissions (that's you) and, therefore, loves you, so give some sugar back with your submission of another author's excellent weblog post. Just make sure it's in English. My swedish is rusty.

Then, because you're slutty, subscribe to Five Star Friday so that you can keep up with us every week, and grab a button for your website while you're at it.

I'm sorry about the slutty comment. I didn't mean it. Kisses.

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