This Website Is Five Years Old!

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Today, this weblog is five years old! FIVE. I remember when I hit my sixty-third post in early 2004. I felt like I had made some sort of grand accomplishment, and now, several years later, I am in the middle of writing post number 1,578. In the beginning, I never considered the deep devotion with which I would find myself writing about cat poop, strange encounters with people on the street, and the sad state of my footwear. It is amazing where obsessive navelgazing can take a person.

In honour of the advanced age of this website, I am making a list of ten bloggers that I would invite to a dinner party to celebrate my blogular sticktoitiveness, thanks to an invite I received from Auds from Barking Mad. She's asked me to:

Create a post telling us who you are inviting and what about that person's writing makes you think they'd be an intriguing/funny/interesting person to share a meal with. What have you learned about these people through reading their blogs and what would you hope to learn about them through breaking bread with them?

Polly from Lesbian Dad: I was only going to include people that I have not met in person, but Polly is a must-have. At the BlogHer '08 conference in San Francisco, we both took part in a 22-person community keynote, and she read her weblog post called "Thanks Giving". The ensuing crush was instantaneous, and I found myself barely able to breathe when she later complimented me on my writing. She is a woman of depth and sincerity, and I can't help but believe that she would be a damn good conversationalist who would look more than a little hot by candlelight.

Blackbird from Say La Vee: There is a thoughtful simplicity about Blackbird's writing that feels soothing, yet she manages to make me chuckle on a regular basis. Over several years of reading her weblog, I have learned that less is often more, which I am sure I will be able to put into practice myself one of these days. Judging from her admirable aesthetic sense, I think I'd have to invite her over well before the dinner party began so that I could pick her brain for menu and table decoration ideas. She would help me pull the party together in a way that I never could.

Tamara from Awkwardly Social: Tamara is non-negotiable. She seems to have a good appetite for and taste in liquor, so I think I would need her there as a drinking partner to help me overcome my anxiety about having a dinner party in the first place, let alone one with such esteemed guests. After everyone had gone, I can imagine us climbing out onto the roof to drink under the stars and swap stories about our drug-addled youths.

Rekabek: Rekabek is just plain cool. I would appoint her the official photographer, because her photos have this carefully considered quality that I quite like. I do not know why I have this impression of her, but I think she might be one of those dinner guests who throws out seemingly unrelated sentences into the mix, which always helps to create a sense of levity and spontaneity to the proceedings.

Crissa from Total Constant Order: I followed her when she wrote a fictional weblog, and now I follow her at the new weblog she started following the publication of her book, "Total Constant Order". There is a dreamy aspect to her writing that I like to imagine translates into her real life character. I want to watch her tilt her head to side while listening to others' conversations and imagine how she pieces them together in her head.

Ainsley from Jerk Ethic: I suspect, from the snarky humour within her writing, that Ainsley would be the louder, smartass funnybone to the other guests' more thoughtful and less rambunctious personalities. My other, more selfish reason for inviting her would be my secret wish to absorb her talent osmotically. She is a gas to read and never falls flat. Ever.

Dana from My Gorgeous Somewhere: Dana's love of poetry is infectious, and it is largely because of her that I continue to pursue the craft myself. She would be the poet to immortalize this monumental dinner party by ode, villanelle, or dirty limerick, I am sure.

Black Hockey Jesus from The Wind in Your Vagina: Oh, Mr. Jesus with the wind in my vagina. I do find this man's writing entertaining. Whenever I read one of his posts, I find myself waiting for that moment when he finally slips over the line into true obscenity, but he rides it so finely. His somewhat crass humour tinged with human warmth would definitely go well with the roast, and I want to find out just how much of an issue having the word "vagina" in your weblog title is.

Scott from The Sartorialist: He is an obvious choice. Just by knowing that he was going to attend, everyone would be sure dress in their finest threads, and then we would all have the joy of looking at his impeccable outfit. I have spent hours gawking at the truly artful street fashion he documents in cities throughout Europe and North America, so he intimidates the hell out of me, but I could not turn down the opportunity to pick his brain about fashion and its cultural import.

Ozma from Hah!: Ozma's writing is smart and neurotic and naked in a rare way that I admire. She'd probably end up in the kitchen with Tamara and I at the end of the night drinking the last of the wine and laughing over nothing conversation like old friends, because that's how the three of us would survive the anxiety of a bizarre dinner party peopled with such amazing talent.

Who would you invite to your dinner party?

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