My Labours Of Love

It's Friday again, which means that I have been busy adding more material to this burgeoning internet in places other than this website. Some people choose to do as little work as possible on Fridays without getting themselves fired, but me? Friday is my day to send a skillion e-mails, write content for three websites (including this one), code my little fingers to nubbins, and then realize that it's not even noon yet.

Don't feel sorry for me. I love this shit.

As evidence of these labours of love, please do go see what I've been up to:

  • My weekly column is up at MamaPop, and I was a little less than sweet to Mr. Diddy.
  • Five Star Friday's 23rd edition is out and GOOD. Make sure to leave comments on the pieces you read from there, because blog authors need their egos fed. Bloggers can get ugly when they go feral.
  • 50x365 #357: Richard

    Five Star Friday: Edition #23