Five Star Friday: Edition #22

This week's entries have me laughing, crying, and watching my mouth on Twitter, which, believe me, is a good thing. Man, people can get mouthy there, especially around politics.

Read, digest, and enjoy this week's fare!

"On His Own Time, or the Perils of Poop" from The Blankie Chronicles

"Don't Reverse FriendFeed. Ditch It." from Rory Marinich

"Supermom or Super-Liar?" from Baby on Bored

"Least Shocking Headline Ever" from The Park Bench

"The Long Goodbye" from Fussy

"Conversations Between Two Girls" from Avitable

"A Wonderful Man" from Motherhood in NYC

"Hello, Good-bye" from VanderMeander

"The Reason I Don't Write Children's Stories" from Burt Reynolds' Mustache

"Olympic Sports that Baffle Me - Gymnastics" from Killing a Fly with a Ukulele is Probably the Wrong Thing to Do

"Dawdling and Daydreaming as Educational Pursuits..." from High Desert Home

"Use Your Words: How We're Raising a Nation of Pussies" from MetroDad

"A Tale of Four Cities" from Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino

"The Mortified Man in the Trench Coat" from

"Sarah Palin: Feminist? Victim of Sexist Smears? Or All or None of the Above" by Megan at Jezebel

"Workin' It" from Tales of Wit and Charm

"Sprint Mothering" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"Failure is Always an Option" from Not Quite Stream of Consciousness

"A Previously Unknown Type of Dinosaur" from Major Bedhead

"Branding, Politics and Twitter" from The Harte of Marketing

"The World is Too Much with Us: Break Out the Sprinkles" from Notes to Self

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