Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #15

It's Intrepid Tuesday once again, and we've had a pretty good turnout. No, it's true. Seven submissions for an Intrepid Tuesday is good, because it turns out that a major portion of the internet is far too modest to go and throw themselves into the public light with as much enthusiasm as I tend to do. Who kniew!

One of the following weblog entries is my favourite, and I often have the urge to highlight one entry in particular, but I am going to leave it up to you to read through them all and guess which one it is. I'm nice like that.

"Gllimpses of Jane (1): Life Transplant" from Ice Cream Is Nice Cream

"A Tale of a Little Banshee" from Inverse Candlelight

"The Best Part of Wonking Up" from A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm

"There's No Better Way to Spend Your Saturday Night Than With a Couple Hundred Fish With a Feet Fetish" from Traveling Circus

"My Gay Ex-Husband" from Shwanda

"Handmade Gifts" from The Perks of Being Me

"Even the Universe Has an Agenda" from Songcrafting

If you've written excellent weblog content, take a moment to submit one of your own entries to Intrepid Tuesday and show off your talent. If you read another person's weblog entry that is so good it begs to be shared, submit it to Five Star Friday to be featured this coming Friday.

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More on Friday!

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