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John Updike died today.

You can help recognize someone as BlogHer of the Week.

Splitweet offers "easy management for multiple Twitter accounts". I haven't used it, but it sounds like just the thing for Twitter fiends.

If you do website design, BrowserShots is a superb tool. Enter the url of a website, and BrowserShots will make full-page screenshots of the site in a wide array of browsers so that you can check the compatibility of your design.

If you or someone you know is having trouble finding adequate employment, this Craigslist post from Steve Madonna is killer. (language warning)

Fuck You, Penguin is the Go Fug Yourself for the animal world.

C.J. has an illuminating weblog entry about the Fish Doctor.

I can't believe The New York Times Magazine is still printing articles like this — "What Do Women Want?" — but thankfully we have Feministe to talk some sense: "But in the meantime, here’s a tip for those of you wondering What Women Want: Should you ever talk to an actual woman, perhaps consider just asking her."

To view Flickr images in a minimalist environment, copy and paste the following url into your browser and type a Flickr username where I have mine in bold -

Bill Cunningham's record of inauguration day (sound warning) in the United States' capital is intimate and touching.

I love the way Aaron Reed's new short story, Blueful, is distributed.

There really was a nauga behind naugahyde.

Of these vintage war posters, my favourite is the one that reads "Don't Be Concerned. STICK TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE".

Puppies and Flowers is a weblog that's chock full of good visual imagery.

DJ Spooky reads John Ashbery's poem "Paradoxes and Oxymorons":


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