15 Links for January 9, 2009

First things first: it is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in the United States. Being one who is now uterus-free after developing cervical because I did not have an annual pap smear for over six years, I urge you to go now. So does Feministing. Make friends with a pair of stirrups and get swabbed. It could be one of the best presents you give to yourself and your loved ones during this lifetime.

The Photographic Dictionary is a beautiful thing that I wish I'd made. Damn.

This list of food cravings and what they indicate you really need is likely one of the best diet aids out there for both nutrition and weight maintenance.

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks makes this anal retentive chuckle.

Check out a tiger that suckled piglets. My favourite part is that someone dressed the piglets up in tiger-print sweaters.

Blindeyecreative has an easy-to-follow tutorial for creating your own Photoshop brushes.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency brings us "The Elements of Spam".

Chema Madoz's photography will make you think about the simplest objects in new ways. Luff.

After going through the English Fail Blog, I want to call pork "poark" all the time. IT IS TIEM TO EAT SUM POARK NAO.

Jen Lemen has a wise heart, for her list told me so. Here is an example of her ample brilliance: "The process is the master. Surrender now. Or as best as you can, while screaming." I am having this tattooed on my face.

If you don't already know about Favrd and you use Twitter, you should go there now. If you don't already use Twitter, Favrd will give you a reason to.

Tumbarumba "...is a frolic of intrusions—a conceptual artwork in the form of a Firefox extension. Tumbarumba hides stories—twelve new stories by outstanding authors—where you least expect to find them, turning your everyday web browsing into a strange journey." I have installed it, and I saw that it was good. The sun rose and the sun set the next day.

Since you can't afford to spend it anyway, you might as well learn how to fold your money into a collared shirt.

Love Letters is a project-based website, of which I am often a fan. I like its design, I like its concept, I like the aesthetic of the letters, and I like that the coloured squares on the site set up the optical illusion of grey circles where the white space between them intersects.

"Trouble" by Cat Stevens from the movie "Harold and Maude", one of my top ten favourites of all time:

Five Star Friday: Edition #36

Grace In Small Things: Part 47 of 365