4 Years in 77 Photographs

I am working on a project that required me to go through the last four years of my photographs and pick out some of my favourites. I don't usually like to go through too many of my pictures all at once. Most often it is like eating too much cheesecake: it seems like a good idea to indulge at first, but then the richness of the experience takes a sickening turn. This trip through time was surprisingly light on my stomach, though, and I managed to find 77 images that really pulled at me for a variety of reasons. I decided that as long as the mood was upon me, I would share them with you. Please to enjoy!

If you can't see the slideshow below, you can view the full set here.

If there is a photograph of yours that has a special hold on you, share the url to it in the comments. I love looking through other people's eyes.

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