I Am November's Bitch

It is 8:27 a.m., and I have already made coffee, blipped some Lou Reed, read and put together some material ahead of time for Five Star Friday, written a couple of paragraphs for National Novel Writing Month, worked on the beginnings of my article today for MamaPop, have started this entry right here for National Blog Posting Month, administrated over at the Grace in Small Things social network, tweeted, wondered when I'm going to start my Christmas knitting projects, and decided that, yes, this is pestilent chest cold/sore throat/sinus pain thing I am cultivating. I'm just glad that I don't have to go sell shoes today and that I am giving myself permission to take a day away from the tail end of Mondo Beyondo.

Are you tired yet?

view from my chair this morning while I worked
This is the view from my chair this morning.

November seems to be a month that I've decided to dedicate to an intense amount of creative output, and while it feels daunting and more than a little ludicrous that this seasonal depressive would choose to do this to herself, it also feels liberating. Yes, liberating. I am one of those people who finds her freedom best while under the yoke of the taskmaster that can be creative productivity. If the push for creative output is a dominatrix, I am her glad submissive.

This is going to be a loony month, and although I have my trusty cup of coffee by my side, I think I might need a little more support than caffeine. Do you have any tips for staying at task, staying awake, and staying stable when there is a lot of creative output that needs cooking?

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