An Ignored Pot Boils All Damn Day

I woke up with the worst hangover I have had in ages (okay, since Halloween, then) due to hanging out for the first time with Mrs. Wilson last night, so I popped two ibuprofen (which I love to spell, because it all looks like some over-simplified new-speak), and set myself up for a day of catching up on my NaNoWriMo word count, but then I decided it would be more fun to google pictures of fat chihuahuas, which was an excellent if complete waste of time, and then I noticed that the apartment was getting awfully humid because I had lost track of the fact that I was boiling water for my hangover remedy of macaroni and white cheddar, so I tossed some more water in the now nearly empty pot, laughed until I snorted over Miss Doxie's entry about getting a feral kitten, and forgot once again that I was boiling water, so I got up, added more water to the pot, and checked out the photos I took last night while I was still coherent enough to use my camera,

Jay and Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Wilson with Jay being a total creepster outside

and then I FORGOT AGAIN THAT I WAS BOILING WATER (I am a terribly ridiculous excuse for a person sometimes), and added more water to the pot while hoping that all this artificial humidity would be good for my mid-30s acne, and then I added more water to the pot 20 minutes later, because I have faith that my stomach will eventually remind me that I must eat to stay alive.

The End.

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