A 12-Link TripThrough Schmutzie.com's 2009

Hello! It's my birthday! And since it is my birthday, I figured that it would be perfectly fine for me jump around and point at myself and say look at me look at me look at me. Right? Right.

So, I've compiled this list of some of my favourite entries from 2009. I picked one for each month to be exact, so if you've missed a few or have forgotten them or have just arrived and are wondering where the hell you just found yourself, here you go:

In January, I crafted up the macrocephalic, pregnant, pasties-wearing Edwina, who later moved to Amsterdam to live with the lovely Ingrid.

In February, I decided that it was time to stop being such a downer and keep showing up anyway.

In March, I told a surprisingly difficult-to-tell story about how I was quite the sociopathic little thief in grade two.

In April, I took this really weird turn and lamented the commonness of pornography these days. I don't even like porn intellectually.

In May, I realized that I have been living in a constant state of fear, which actually helped me to quell a lot of my fear. Huh. The more you know.

In June, I told a depressing story about my uncle's divorce, a squirrel attacking my brother, and my hiding out underneath an inflatable couch when I was nine.

In July, the Palinode and I went camping with some friends, and it was fantastic.

In August, the summer heat made me remember that maturity sucks.

In September, I quit smoking to find a greater sense of love again, and I've been more of a hippie ever since.

In October, I told one of the hardest stories I have ever tried to tell. It was about how my uncle Rudy told me he was going to die and then he did.

In November, I wrote a chronological list of some negative events in my life that have helped to mould me into the person I am today. Come to think of it, that one was hard to write, too, but it felt really good, like having a long stretch after a deep nap.

In December, I wrote a semi-fictional piece, and, lo, I did not hate it.

If you've got some best posts of your own you'd like to share, I would love to read them. Toss your URLs in the comments and let's have a potluck, yes?

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