The Beaded, Skinny Scarf

skinny scarf 1

I became brave one day about a week ago and designed a beaded, skinny scarf for my friend's birthday.

skinny scarf 3

It made me very nervous, this scarf, because I had purchased this gorgeous silk yarn from Nimu on Etsy, and when you have yarn that fine, you want to be able to do it justice. My plans to try new things like beads worried me. I also wanted my friend to love what I made her, because she's a good person whom I feel moved to impress.

skinny scarf 2

I strung an old set of both wooden and glass beads that I have been moving around with me for fifteen years onto the yarn, taking care to space out the different kinds of beads so that they would be evenly distributed from one end of the scarf to the other. All glass baubles on one end would have looked odd. Then, I pulled one bead up at a time into my knitting every couple or few rows. The angular shape and texture of the beads played well off the smooth sheen of the silk.

skinny scarf 4

When I was done, I fell more than a little in love with the scarf, and I wore it around the apartment, pretending to catch myself by surprise in mirrors.

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