Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #16

toothpaste for dinner

Why didn't I think of that when I was looking for alliteration for Intrepid Tuesday?

Show the following brave bloggers some love by commenting on their posts, because Intrepid Tuesday is kind of like Show & Tell, only much cooler.

Happy reading!

"Employee Branding in Reverse: Satyam Scandal Turns Employees Into Untouchables?" from Authentic Organizations

"Internet Junkie... The Symptoms" from Chat Is Not for Dummies

"The Power of Language and How to Hone It" by Natalia Real at Pro Writing Tips

"Those Early Moments" from Lost in Splendor

"Kissing Cousins, Part Two" by Saviabella at

"Six Should Have Been Enough" from Suburban Scrawl

"Succumb" from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction

"Just Me?" from Sarah and the Goon Squad

"Shaken and Stirred" from That Girl Runs

"1461: A Letter" from Janana Bee

"Return to Sender" from Eye Heart Internet

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See you on Friday!

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