Five Star Friday: Edition #40

The following entries, submitted by those who loved them for your pleasure, but without the dirty intention that the previous phrase appears to imply, are good. Read and comment and share again if you like.

Happy weekend!

"Being Thirteen" from Kellementology

"'Hot' for 'Teacher'?" from Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me

"Black Things" from Gwen Alison Wonderland

"1st Day of School" from There's Never a Line for the Men's Room

"The Last Kiss" from The Naked Butch

"Eleven's End" from Zipbag of Bones

"In the Bleak Midwinter" from Creating My Own Little Nirvana

"Letters" from Life... It's Nothing Like the Brochure

"The Perfect Handful (Assuming the Hands Are Large)" from Off the Chest

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