Five Star Friday: Edition #49

Readers, after all, are making the world with you. You give them the materials, but it's the readers who build that world in their own minds.
   — Ursula K. Le Guin

"For Heather and Mike" from The Adventures of the Headless Family

"Strangers on a Train" from The Panopticon

"Singing the Blues" from Not Undecided

"What My Kids Have to Say" from Chase N Kids

"Weekend Smell" from Zipbag of Bones

[Warning: video starts automatically] "Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Carl's Jr." by Sarah Haskins at Current

"Dimples Kids Spa, Making Your Six-Year-Old Sexy as Fuck" from Rage Against the Man-chine

"Distraction" from Wenderful

"The AIG Death Threats" from

"Words of Comfort for the Unattached" from Smitten by Britain

"Samuel Johnson on Same Sex Marriage" from Peter Sagal

"Go Ahead, Eat That Cake." from Buggering Crap Monkies

"A Bus Ride: Episode 1, Part 1" and "A Bus ride: Episode 1, Part 2" from Free Fiction

"A Word or Two About Vaccinations" from Dooce

"I Had This Friend Once" from Wait. What?

"Ask the Bloggess on PNN" from The Bloggess

"On Motherhood" from Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

"Other Fields" by TwoBusy at DadCentric

"It's Really Laughable" from Damn Kids, Get Off My Lawn!

And, although I have never included my own weblog writing in Five Star Fridays, because I have a quiet little rule about not using this space to promote my own work, three of you submitted the following post, so now I'm breaking rules and crap. Are you happy now?
"Schmutzie Dancing Is Not Good for Kittens or Other Living Things" from

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And because you are a fan of finding good new writing on the internet:

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