A Big Knot Of Nothing. You're Welcome.

There have been so many things I have not been able to write about since last August that it is amazing I find anything to write about here at all. Because it is in my best interest not to talk about them, but I will mention them here, because, if not for oversharing, what are personal weblogs are for, here is a list of the things I have not been able to talk about for one reason or another:

- the state of my employment
- the reasons for the state of my employment
- my psychological well-being as it relates to my aforementioned employment, the universe, and everything
- a writing project, of which I am part, that may be published on actual paper with ink and glue and whatnot for reals
- therapy, because I am very important

To say that I have been overwhelmed by certain aspects of my life over the last many months is an understatement. I have very much wanted to talk about all manner of things with relation to the points in the above list, because they have been very large and, at times, looming subjects, but I've had to keep mum, and this is very difficult for a bloggy sort such as myself who wants to spill all the beans all the time to everyone who stumbles by.

I'm still not going to tell you all about these things, because I think that in some cases it would be legally inadvisable, and in others it would just be the regular kind of inadvisable, but I am terribly excited about some aspects of the above list and terribly devastated about other aspects of the above list, and I was just possessed of the need to do a drive-by mention and madden you all with the absolute lack of information I could pack into several hundred words.

Ha! Did you see what I did there? I did that annoying thing that bloggers do where I say I have stuff to talk about but I can't talk about it, so I basically wrote a post to tell you that I have nothing to say but that I'm going to tell you I have nothing to say by telling you nothing. I'm awesome.

Even I am finding myself annoying right now. You can walk away. I am stuck here.

Just so's I don't get a bunch of worried e-mails, I am healthy, I and the Palinode still feel grotesquely affectionate toward one another, and I enjoy long walks on the beach.


UPDATE: This is my 2,000th weblog entry at Schmutzie.com. Yowza!

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