What I Bought At Etsy Today

I bought this set of crochet needles for $4 from Mamaw's Pretties, because I don't stab myself in the feet with them enough around the house.

This necklace from MD Sparks was a steal at $17, so I figured, what the hell. Plus, I miss all my pet birds, now dead, but I swear not by my hands, because I really liked them. We had squawking parties every morning.

Lastly, bestly, and most favouritely, I picked up this quirky knitting needle and crochet hook organizer for $39 from madbird. I have knitting needles and crochet hooks stuck in a paper sack, drawers full of yarn, a project bag, a couple of baskets, and scattered around the floor of the apartment where the cats have chased them. This organizer will not only save me from losing my stuff, but it will also save my feet from regular puncture wounds.

Wait. I could have saved $39 and just thrown those needle-stealing cats out into the street. If I stuck little begging cups to the sides of their necks, I could even make a buck or two. Hmmm.

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