Got A Makeover

I don't know what's with me lately, but I've been disturbing myself with my need to do laundry and clean out cupboards. To be honest, I did laundry for one day and cleaned out one cupboard in the bathroom, but this is still a level of domestic activity that I don't usually sustain for two days running.

This possession of the need to make things tidy and functional has spread beyond my laundry pile and the linen cupboard and fell squarely upon this website this morning when I started up my laptop and saw an atrocious mess that was apparently my website. Suddenly, I had an excuse for all the writing I haven't been doing. Who could put any writing worth its salt in the middle such trash pile?

Not me, apparently, because I immediately set to work to remedy the situation. I added and deleted. I used online palette generators and colour schemers. I shipped and shaped and nudged. I forgot to drink water until I began to feel the effects of dehydration. I shunned eating and bathing in favour of niggling over pixels. Design makes me hot.

And now, here we are. My eyes are swollen and a lovely shade of cherry tomato, my back hurts from slouching over my laptop, and my blood sugar is dangerously low, but I think I like this place again. I have that really satisfied feeling I usually get when I have just put away the last of my things after moving into a new apartment and I'm reveling in that golden moment in which everything is in its place for a few seconds until the next time I move. By which I mean to say that it feels refreshing and good to have new digs.

Now I'm off to dig up some eye drops, eat pizza, and think about things that are completely unrelated to CSS and HTML, such as the television show "The Office". Dwight says that the eyes are the groin of the head, and I'm inclined to agree with him.

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